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Amber Jewelry – the best friend of every woman!

Jewelry for centuries has been proclaimed the best friend of every woman. Undeniably it is a perfect finishing touch to every outfit, it emphesizes feminity, decorates body parts such as the neck, decoltage, wrists, hands or hair. It can be combined with many different looks and worn almost always – to work, to school, for a meeting, a date, a party, wedding and many more! Jewelry add class, style and boosts courage. It makes you feel like a real princess.



Some history

The name ‘jewelry’ derived from a french word meaning jewel or gemstone, it is worn since ancient times and was present in every age. Jewelry can be treated as a symbol of power, religious attribute, as a decoration or it can emphasize social status. Throughout centuries jewelry gained new meaning. Nowadays the most important aspect of jewelry is its decorative function. It is believed that the need to decorate our bodies was developed in ancient times. The first jewelry to be ever found are simple decorations made of shells, these simple beads are 100 000 years old. Jewelry, as it was already mentioned, had many different functions, throughout history. It was used to decorate diner tables (pins, brooches, clips, buckles), to decorate body (crowns, necklaces, bracelets), in religious practices (amulets, tokens).

First jewelry pieces were made of wood, shells, stones, leather, and bones. In 3500 BC jewelry began to be created from copper, gold, and silver. Developments in the field of jewelry production were made for centuries. Soon practices such as polishing, sculpting or carving were widely used. These practices allowed to develop new, attractive designs. A significant date in jewelry production was 2000 BC thanks to the manufactures from ancient Egypt. The highly decorated and precious pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches or hair accessories were created there. Jewelry was also a very important part of religious practices. Gold jewelry decorated with natural gemstones was worn by the rich, the poor wore glass pieces. Egyptians especially loved bracelets that were worn on wrists and ankles.

In the V-IV century BC in Greece, many jewelry pieces were created from gold, silver, and gilded bronze. They were decorated with ornaments inspired by nature – leaves, flowers, and animals. Roman jewelry was additionally decorated with natural gemstones and diamonds. Hair ornaments and accessories were very popular. They were made of ivory, gold, silver, and pearls. Both men and women wore big, decorative rings.

In the middle ages, jewelry was made of precious metals. The most precious one was of course gold which was associate with the royal status and power. Especially crowns were the attribute of kings and rulers. Additionally, natural gemstones and minerals were believed to have supernatural powers and properties. In the XVI and XVII AD, a lot has changed on the jewelry market. Quick economical development led to new production methods. In the XVII century, diamond jewelry became very popular. Diamonds were combined with silver and gold as well as platinum.


biżuteria pierścionki

Materials used in jewelry production

Nowadays jewelry is very popular. It is made from many different materials such as gemstones, minerals, precious metals, as well as plastic. Jewelry is also made of stained glass, glass, and plastic. Stainless steel jewelry is also extremely popular because it looks almost like silver jewelry but is much cheaper. Some materials used in jewelry production:

  • Gold // Gold is the precious metal of the highest quality, one of the most expensive and precious ones, used in jewelry production all over the world. It is used to gild other metals or used to create alloys. Gold alloys are extremely enduring. It is one of the most popular and fashionable metals. Gold may also have many different colors such as white, pink, cherry, blue or dark violet. Pure gold is extremely rare and difficult to find. To be used to produce jewelry gold requires special treatment. The gold assay is a special mark that expresses the amount of pure gold in the alloy.
  • Silver //  The most popular precious metal, characterized by its silverish white color, is silver. It is combined with different metals to create high-quality jewelry pieces. It is soft and quite easy to work with, that’s why it is perfect to create many different shapes and styles of accessories. It is worth remembering that silver should be cleaned often because it fades and loses its original color with time. Silver jewelry can be cleaned almost in every jewelry store which offers cleaning services. Silver is not as precious as gold, because it is not that rare to be found. Silver jewelry usually contains up to 92,5% pure silver!
  • Platinum // Platinum is the precious metal, which can be found in its pure form. It is very precious, due to its rarity. It is widely used in jewelry production and usually combined with diamonds. It has a shiny silverish white color. It can be found in Canada, but also in the USA, North Africa, and Bogota.
  • Diamonds // Diamonds are the rarest gemstones, which makes them one of the most expensive ones. They are highly admired all over the world. They require special polishing and shaping. It is the hardest mineral that can be found in nature, it is the purest, crystal form of coal.
  • Ceramics // Ceramics is a name for every creation of not metal material, which can be gained from specially selected material, treated with high temperature. Modern ceramics processes are very high tech. Materials gained are of the highest quality are characterized by its multipurpose use and growing popularity.
  • Pearls // Pearls are naturally created by living animals. They are created by clams and occasionally snails. They are made of substances present in the inner of a shell (nacre). Its basic components are calcium carbonate (in the form of aragonite, protein substance (conchiolin), which is responsible for bonding microcrystals accumulate concentrically around the nucleus. Pearls are created by irritating the inners of sea clams by a foreign object such as sand that got inside of the shell. The name pearl derives from a Latin world perula.
  • Stainless steel // Stainless steel is also known as jewelry steel or royal steel. It is used to produce necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and watches. It is easy to work with, thanks to that it allows manufacturers to come up with new designs. Stainless steel jewelry is quite cheap. The steel itself looks similar to gold and silver but is much cheaper. It is safe for skin, health and does not cause allergies and skin changes. It can be gilded (covered with gold).
  • Amber // Its names derived from a German word Bernstein meaning the burning stone. It is a hardened fossil resin of ancient evergreen trees. The oldest amber pieces were found in Leszczyńska Plateau. It was discovered around 40000 – 10000 years ago. What is, even more, impressive amber exists since the beginning of life. Amber is extremely precious and popular in Europe. In Poland, it was highly manufactured in Gdańsk. The most popular amber creations are boxes, figurines, mosaics, secretaries and many more. Italian amber products were transported to the Roman Empire. Amber was also believed to have supernatural powers. Nowadays it is used to produce jewelry. Amber can be found in many different colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, black, milk or extremely rare – transparent. Amber is also known for its inclusions of ancient pieces of animals or plants. You can find more about amber here:

    Amber jewelry what materials

    How is jewelry created?

    The process of creating jewelry may be mysterious for many. It is divided into several different steps. The first one is, of course, the process of designing. Every single necklace, ring or bracelet need to be carefully designed. During this process, the designer picks a color scheme, shape, and materials. Next, they draw the sketches and create a 3D model in special software. To design the best pieces of jewelry creativity is not enough, you also need to be skillful and well experienced.

        Gentarus amber jewelry ring

    How to create a ring?

    The first step to create a ring is to create a special mold. Silicon pieces are used to create a mold matching with the size of a ring. Next, the main material is being prepared to create a prototype. The prototype is being turned into a plaster cast, which can be used as a mold for melted metal. After molding, raw rings are being processed by a specialist. The most important step in a ring creation process is polishing. When the metal frame is ready – the last step can be made. The ring can be finally decorated with gemstones. Gemstones are chosen according to the design and color scheme. The ring’s creation process is very complex and long. It also requires a lot of patience, Every creation is also quality tested, to be sure that only the rings of the highest quality are sold. Gentarus amber jewelry <- here is our offer.

    Rings and Fingers Symbolism

    It is widely known that a ring worn on the ring finger of the right or left hand may symbolize engagement. What do other fingers symbolize? Here you can find a short guide:

    • Thumb – a ring worn on the thumb is a Greek magical amulet. It was believed to boost strength, health, and vitality. Nowadays it may also be a symbol of homosexuality, especially among women.
    • Index finger – a ring worn on the index finger always was associated with the social status. In some cultures, it may also symbolize marriage.
    • Middle finger – a ring on the middle finger derives from a Chinese tradition of wearing it on this specific finger. In China, it was believed that ring worn on the middle finger helps to find harmony and peace in life, and helps to find the balance between the good and the evil. Psychologists believe that a ring on the middle finger is usually worn by people who want to boost their confidence. Usually, silver rings are worn on the middle finger.
    • Ring finger – a ring worn on this finger symbolizes marriage or engagement. It is also associated with family and social status.
    • Pinky (the little finger) – a ring worn on the pinky symbolizes power – family rings were worn on this specific finger until the XX century. Nowadays in some countries ring worn on the little finger may symbolize criminal background or open sexuality.
    • In Poland, the symbolism of rings on a certain finger slowly fades away. The only tradition that still stays strong is, of course, the wedding tradition.


      pierścionek zaręczynowy bursztyn

      How to wear an enagement ring?

      An engagement ring is not only a symbol of love but also a symbol of devotion. Many people have a problem to correctly choose a finger on which the ring should be worn. Whether it should be the middle finger or the ring finger? The right hand or the left one? To be honest, there is no specific rule. Everything depends on the tradition existing in a certain country. Mostly an engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This tradition is present in Europe, African, the USA, and Canada. However, there are some exceptions. For example in Poland engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Scandinavians wear an engagement ring on the left hand and after the wedding, another one is added. What is more interesting in Hungary, the tradition of wearing an engagement ring is not popular. The engaged person wears a special ring on the left hand and then, after the wedding, the ring is worn on the right hand. The engagement ring is also a symbol of agreement and the so-called announcement of a future wedding ceremony. According to the ancient beliefs, the ring finger and the heart are connected with the same single vein.

      Bursztyn biżuteria bransoletka


      Bracelets are circular accessories mostly worn on the wrists. It is one of the types of jewelry. They are usually made of metal, leather, plastic or glass. Bracelets may be decorated with many different materials such as wood, gemstones or shells. Bracelets have many different functions. They are sometimes used in hospitals to treat allergies.


      The old polish word ‘manela’ has been replaced by bracelet – a word which derived from one of the European languages, some linguists claim it can be associated with old french word bracelet. That word derives from a Latin term brachiale.

      Cultural meaning

      Bracelets are worn all over the world. For many, wearing a bracelet has a special meaning or has traditional origins. In the ancient Syrian church, the pilgrims wear a simple white woven bracelet that they get from monks. The bracelets are supposed to assure the protection of the Virgin Mary. In Romania there is a tradition of wearing woven white and red bracelets which are used to decorate sleeves – they are supposed to bring luck and safety. In many native cultures, bracelets are used as protective amulets. In India, women wear bracelets called kangan (bankle). They are made of gold, silver, platinum, wood or different materials. Kangan is sometimes worn by men. Sometime handcuffs are also called bracelets.

      Here you will find: amber bracelet


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      Necklaces are a type of jewelry worn on the neck both by women and men all over the world. They are usually made of metal as a chain, which is usually combined with a decorative pendant. They are also made of many different materials such as cloth, leather straps or beads. They are decorated with natural gemstones, shells, pearls, diamonds, amber or wood elements in many different shapes and sizes. Necklaces exist since ancient times. They were known in the late Paleolith. Necklaces from that period were made of shells. Necklaces were also made of stones, bones, teeth, and shells. Later there were also created from metals and precious metals such as silver or gold.

      What is a celebrity necklace?

      A celebrity necklace is a subtle, fashionable jewelry piece worn all over the world. It is also called the celebrity chain because it is associated with famous people such as models, actors, and celebrities. It is a very universal accessory. It can be mixed with both casual and elegant outfits. The necklace is a subtle and classic character and is characterized by its unique style. It emphasizes the natural beauty of a wearer. Celebrity necklaces are very fashionable. They are usually decorated with various different pendants and patterns such as metal hearts, circles, infinity signs, clovers and natural gemstones such as amber. Thanks to a vast variety of styles almost everybody can find a matching piece. They give lots of freedom and can be freely matched with other jewelry pieces. Its simple form matches both elegant and casual looks. The necklaces can be worn to work, school, for a meeting, date and more! It accents neck and decolletage, adding a subtle shine. It forms also makes it perfect to be worn with sports outfits and used during exercises or dancing. It is a perfect piece for everyone who loves subtle and elegant jewelry. It is also widely used as a wedding necklace.

      Here you will find: amber necklace



      Kolczyki - Gentarus biżuteria z bursztynem



      This unique and important jewelry cannot be skipped. Earrings are accessories mostly worn on ears but can be worn in every place which can be pierced such as bellybuttons, tongues or noses. They are usually made of titan, stainless steel, silver, and gold, but also handmade pieces made of wood. There are also special earrings made of Asian buffalo horns – Bubalis Bubalis.

      Earrings are present in many different cultures all over the world. They are worn by many, even children and kids. In the XX and XXI century piercing became extremely popular leading to the development of body piercing. Earrings are also characteristic of various subcultures before they were a simple decoration, now they are a part of a lifestyle. Earrings were also fashionable in ancient times. They determined social position and were made from various precious metals such as gold or silver – available only for the richest or feathers of bones – for those poorer. The first body part which was pierced was ears. Nowadays almost everybody part can be pierced, including intimate parts. The most popular body parts which are pierced are ears, nose, lips, belly button, tongue, and brows. Some people also decide to pierce their teeth. How long does the healing of a pierced body part take? Usually, it takes from 2 to 3 weeks with simpler piercings or up to 9 weeks when the piercing is more complicated and unusual. Piercing is not usually painful. Recently plugs and tunnels become more popular. Those are stretched holes decorated with a special kind of jewelry.

      Here you will find: amber earrings


      Czyszczenie bursztynu

      How to take care of your jewelry?

      Every jewelry requires special care. It should be regularly cleaned and stored in the right conditions. Special care allows us to avoid damages, scratches or rust. How to take care of your jewelry to preserve its beauty and shine?

      • Storage – Jewelry should not be stored all together because it may lead to scratches and tangling, especially in terms of necklaces. It may also significantly decrease the condition of our jewelry.
      • Selection – it is worth dividing jewelry into several different categories such as gold or silver jewelry.
      • The right place to store – it is worth having a special place to store jewelry such as special cases or boxes.
      • Weather conditions – it is very important not to expose our jewelry to weather conditions such as moisture or sunlight. It should be stored at the right temperature what stops rusting and fading.
      • The right box – the storage box should be filled with soft cotton or silk tissues to create a protective layer. It will prevent scratches. It is also worth getting a right-sized box to avoid tangling.
      • Right use – jewelry was created to be worn, but in the right way. It should be taken off at home, when we do our house chords or during exercises and swimming. It should also be taken off during spa sessions.

      More on the blog: amber cleaning, how to clean amber?


      Biżuteria z bursztynem na prezent

      Jewelry as a gift – guidelines

      For years jewelry made the best gifts for loved ones, friends or family members. These simple gifts usually bring lots of joy and are a good idea, but sometimes they can lead to some embarrassment. It is worth getting familiar with the guidelines of getting jewelry as a gift.

      First of all, jewelry as a gift may suggest a close relationship and some kind of devotion to the gifted person. In the past, there was a tradition that a woman should give back the jewelry piece she got from a man who she doesn’t love because it was not well seen. Nowadays this rule is not cultivated, but jewelry given as a gift may still lead to some misunderstandings. That is why the jewelry should be gifted only to people we well know.

      The jewelry which we want to give as a gift should be made of gold or silver. Jewelry made of plastic can be interpreted as a disrespectful gesture unless we know that the gifted person will enjoy it.

      It is worth picking the jewelry in accordance with the personal taste and style of the person we want to gift. Jewelry should be gifted in a box, without the brand name and price tags.

      • Silver jewelry – sometime it might be hard to choose jewelry. Should it be gold or silver? It is especially hard for those who are looking for a perfect piece. Why is it worth considering silver as the main choice? Simply because it is the most universal type of jewelry, it is very easy to match other jewelry pieces with silver jewelry and it can be worn for many different occasions. Silver jewelry is cheaper and quite durable. Well used silver jewelry can last for years. Currently, there is a vast variety of silver jewelry available on the market, so picking the right design is not a problem.
      • Gold and gilded jewelry – gilded jewelry is usually made of silver which is later covered with a layer of gold. After creating, the pieces are specially treated to add the layer of gold on their surfaces. The layer may differ in the terms of its thickness. The highest quality is jewelry with 0.5-micrometer thickness. The most durable items are those gilded with 24-carat gold, they can be used for many years. Gilded jewelry is a perfect alternative for gold jewelry, which is much cheaper. It emphasizes tanned skin and just like silver can be easily matched with many other pieces. It looks best combined with summery outfits. Gilded accessories are also perfect for elegant outfits. It is a perfect solution for people allergic to gold. Gilded jewelry has low gold containment and should not cause allergic reactions and any other side effects. They make a perfect gift. Gilded accessories are not especially expensive.

      Czyszczenie srebrnej bizuterii z bursztynem


      Silver jewelry cleaning

      Every jewelry lover should know how to properly take care of their jewelry. It should not only be stored in the right conditions but also should be taken care of and regularly cleaned. The jewelry which rarely used should be specially cared for. Rarely used pieces tend to fade or rust, losing its beauty. It is worth to try home methods of cleaning or find a jewelry store that offers cleaning services.

      1. Salt cleaning – salt is a well known natural product that can be used to clean your jewelry to remove stains and discolorations from the metal surface. How to use this method? It is really simple. First, place your jewelry piece on a small piece of aluminum foil in a ceramic container. Next, add a solution of salt and hot water to the container and leave it for a few hours. After a few hours, clean your item with cold water and then dry it with a soft cloth tissue.

      2. Baking soda cleaning – the next way to clean your jewelry at home is the method with the use of baking soda. The jewelry piece should be put in a container and fully covered with the baking soda, next add hot water. After ten minutes the jewelry should be clean.

      3. Toothpaste cleaning – another home method to clean your jewelry is the use of toothpaste. This method is quite popular. To clean ur jewelry piece simply use soft toothpaste and cloth tissue and gently clean the surface of the item. Gentle scratching should remove stains. After that rinse the toothpaste with water and dry it with a soft cloth tissue.

      4. Professional jewelry cleaning – more valuable pieces of jewelry should be specially treated. To clean them it is recommended to seek professional help. Many jewelry stores offer professional cleaning services. Thanks to them we can be sure that our jewelry is safe and won’t get any damage. Professionals have special equipment and detergents which are necessary for proper cleaning. Additionally, a well trained professional can include additional services like polishing. It is the safest way yo clean jewelry.

      Biżuteria z bursztynem Bałtyckim

      Baltic amber jewelry

      Amber is a hardened fossil resin of ancient evergreen trees. The oldest amber pieces were found in Leszczyńska Plateau. It was discovered around 40000 – 10000 years ago. What is, even more, impressive amber exists since the beginning of life. Amber is extremely precious and popular in Europe. In Poland, it was highly manufactured in Gdańsk. The most popular amber creations are boxes, figurines, mosaics, secretaries and many more. Italian amber products were transported to the Roman Empire. Amber was also believed to have supernatural powers. Nowadays it is used to produce jewelry. Amber can be found in many different colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, black, milk or extremely rare – transparent. Amber is also known for its inclusions of ancient pieces of animals or plants. It is a really precious gemstone, admired for its aesthetic values and history. It is usually combined with silver or gold. These precious metals additionally increase the value of amber jewelry. Baltic amber is the widely used type of amber in jewelry. It contains up to 8% of succinic acid, which makes it special among other types of this unique gemstone. It has a beautiful color scheme, which for years inspires artists, designers, and manufacturers all over the world. Amber is usually made to create jewelry pieces such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, as well as utility items such as knives and spoons, and other accessories such as cufflinks or brooches. Amber jewelry is quite popular in Poland and attractive price-wise. They are available in many different sizes, designs, and colors. Amber can be found in green, yellow, cognac, cherry or even violet. What stays in favor of amber jewelry is the fact that it can be easily mixed with other jewelry pieces. It is also very universal and can be worn on many different occasions. It looks great with casual and elegant smart outfits. It goes well with natural materials, matches a lot of patterns and styles. It is very fashionable and gets more popular each year. It is a perfect addition to almost every outfit. Amber is a must-have element in styles like boho or vintage.

      How to take care of amber jewelry

      Jewelry with natural amber should be carefully maintained. It is worth remembering that it should be regularly cleaned (dry or wet). It is extremely important not to put amber into hot water. It is best cleaned with alcohol or soap. It should be stored, covered in soft cloth tissue. It preserves scratching and fading. Amber should not be exposed to direct sunlight and chemical or cosmetic substances such as perfumes.


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