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The name “amber” derived from the German term “Bernstein” which means “the burning stone”. Indeed, this property of amber is well known and amber is used to produce fragrances, especially in incense. The stone is also known for its unique color and has its own shade which is a fashion canon.


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Amber is also a stone of a significant role in jewelry. It looks best not only in big pieces but also in detail. It fits both classic and sophisticated jewelry.


  1. A well-known test that allows verifying the authenticity of amber is the gravity test. To conduct the test you need salt, water, and the stone. Natural amber will float on the surface, while most of the counterfeits will sink to the bottom.
  2. Another method is to embed the tip of a hot needle in the stone. It will be easy to pull out from the amber, while hard to remove from different types of resin. Additionally, amber exposed to high temperature will release characteristic resin odor.
  3. We can also perform an electrostatic test. A stone rubbed against wool or other natural material should attract tiny pieces of paper.
  4. Imitation will not attract them. It is also worth remembering that amber is highly resistant to substances such as solvents.
  5. Another test that can determine whether the amber is genuine or not is a UV test. Amber exposed to this type of radiation will become bluish or yellowish. The plastic will not change its color while the copal will turn white.


It is not always possible to check the authenticity of amber with tests, that is why we should always buy your stones from certified sellers.


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How to differentiate amber from other stones?

The Polish sea is very attractive to tourists, even in winter. After storms, the beaches are full of people who hope to find amber. It’s a real paradise for amber seekers!
The sea washes out a lot of marine waste on the shore such as seaweed or sticks and they can contain ambers as well. It is also worth observing seagulls that fly over such clusters looking for food. Many people search at night, illuminating the sand with UV flashlights, thanks to which it is easier to find UV-sensitive amber stones.

How to differentiate amber from other stones?

  • Amber has electrostatic properties. A good way might be to check whether after running against a piece of cloth, the stone attracts paper pieces.
  • Genuine amber has a characteristic resin odor.
  • Genuine natural amber floats in salty water.
  • Amber is generally softer than other stones, its hardness can be tested with a needle.