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Milky, yellow, cognac... Thanks to the vast variety of Gentarus Amber Jewelry every woman will find something suitable for almost every occasion.

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Amber pendant necklace

If you like amber and especially stylish pendants, you will find them in our offer easily. The amber pendant suits any stylization perfectly – both everyday and formal outfits. In our store, you will find different shapes of pendant – rectangular, oval, triangular, or teardrop shape, that will meet your expectations surely. The natural beauty of amber attracts attention and impresses everybody.

Amber is the only precious stone of plant origin. It is a fossilized resin that comes from coniferous trees, formed about 50 million years ago. In its chemical composition, there is about 80% of carbon, 10% of oxygen and hydrogen. The resin contains also some potassium, silicon, calcium, iron, and magnesium. The largest amber deposits are placed in the Baltic Sea. In Poland, it can be found in the area of Hel Peninsula, the Bay of Gdansk, and the Vistula Spit. It is estimated, that as much as 70% of amber jewellery (including amber pendants) comes from our country and is sold all over the world.

How can we distinguish the real amber pendant from a cheap imitation? After heating, amber gives a pleasant aroma off and doesn’t react to solvent strongly. What is more, it takes place between calcite and gypsum on a 10-point hardness scale. Rubbing amber with the aid of material causes strong magnetising. Polish amber is not only valued in jewellery, but also in medicine. It has a beneficial effect in the case of pain associated with teething and helps people suffering from rheumatism, throat disorders, ocular conditions, and cardiovascular diseases.

The natural beauty contained in amber pendants suits women of all ages. We encourage you to check our store’s offer. Choose an amber pendant, which will make you look more attractive and confident.