Amber stone rings

Thanks to the vast variety of Gentarus Amber Jewelry and high quality of workmanship you will be able to choose your favorite pieces suitable for every occasion.

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Baltic amber jewelry rings

Our store’s offer presents rings made of amber intended for enthusiasts of this precious stone. The wide range of available amber rings will allow you to choose a jewel according to every woman’s personality, style, and preferences. Currently, rings are no longer in large size and richly adorned. In the jewellery stores, there are more and more rings with smaller sizes and in different formats.

Amber rings are suitable to wear for both less and more important occasions and everyday meetings. For a very long time rings have been considered as a symbol of eternity due to the shape without starting and ending point. People believed that rings have magical qualities and power to counteract many spells. They were also worn as an amulet. When it broke, it was considered a sign of unhappiness. Rings also symbolize loyalty, love and the sense of belonging to the community.

Sterling silver amber rings from Poland

Amber rings delight everyone with their beauty. The wide range of colors and shades will be appreciated by every jewellery lover for sure. The color of amber ranges from light yellow to brown. Darker amber was probably created later as a result of oxidation. The inclusions of plants and insects inside succinite make it more attractive.

Are you looking for beautiful jewellery? Check out the offer of amber jewellery in our store today and choose a ring, a bracelet, a pendant or earrings according to your preferences.

Amber ring Gentarus shop

Rings, next to the necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are one of the most popular jewelry pieces loved by women all over the world. They not only decorate fingers but also are a great addition to every outfit. Rings are usually made of precious metal and are decorated with gemstones, such as for example natural baltic amber. Rings with Baltic amber are very precious and popular. They are a great addition to everyday looks (such as school, office or casual outfits) and also, they are a glamours addition to night-out outfits or special occasions wearings such as weddings, birthday parties or business meetings. Rings with Baltic amber were created for every lover of unique style, elegance, and splendor. It is a „must-have” addition to spring and summer outfits. In Gentarus we offer you a vast variety of elegant silver rings with natural Baltic amber in many different shapes and colors – cherry, honey, cognac, milk or green. Gentarus’ rings were created with special care for every tiny detail. Baltic amber is a precious and popular gemstone in jewelry. It is the most beautiful combined with gold or silver, that’s why our creations combine these materials. To fully embrace amber and its healing properties, it is worth wearing it close to the body. Interesting? Feel free to learn more about our collection of elegant and subtle rings with natural amber!