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Thanks to the vast variety of Gentarus Amber Jewelry and high quality of workmanship you will be able to choose your favorite pieces suitable for every occasion.

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Baltic amber earrings

Earrings are accessories that diversify the style of each woman and helps to express an individual character. Females enjoy wearing jewellery every day for work, for going out with friends, as well as for important celebrations. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are elements which have to always match the outfit of a woman.

A lot of people buy jewellery from mortar shops, however, a wide range of, e.g. amber earrings can be found online even more easily. Products can be compared so the chance of satisfying purchase increases. Thanks to online shopping you can also save your time significantly.

Amber is a fossil resin mainly of coniferous trees. It consists of several dozen compounds that contain from 67% to 81% of carbon and 1% of sulfur. The color of amber ranges from light yellow to brown. There are a lot of varieties of succinite, some of them are Baltic, Japanese, Burmese, Dominican, Mexican, and Lebanese.

Amber earrings can be worn every day both for less and more important occasions. Thanks to them, you can look chic and elegant and also feel more feminine. In our offer, you will find amber earrings made of gold and silver. They will allow you to enjoy amber beauty for a very long time. Such jewellery is also a perfect gift idea for a friend, a mother or for a one you love. Certainly, every woman will like amber earrings. We encourage you to check our store’s offer and order products now.

Amber drop earrings, green – Polish

Subtle earrings are loved by many all over the world. Next to necklaces, rings, and bracelets, earrings are the most often worn jewelry pieces. They are present in many different cultures and nations. They gained popularity in the middle ages. The most precious earrings are those made of silver or gold and decorated with natural gemstones or minerals such as polished Baltic amber. Gentarus earrings with amber are best for every lover of elegance and unique style. Gold and silver combined with Baltic amber make the jewelry which is simply impressive. Silver or gold earrings with Baltic amber available in our offer are elegant and admirable. Whether you want to enhance your casual outfits or add a dose of elegance to your party outfits, Gentarus earrings are perfect for you. They are an absolute must-have for everybody who loves fashion and style. As Gentarus, we offer a vast variety of earrings in many different colors, shapes, and styles. Our amber stones are available in honey, yellow, cognac, cherry, and green. Gentarus earrings are handmade with the highest precision. We believe that details make the whole design, that’s why we take special care of every, even the tiniest details. We guarantee high quality of materials used and workmanship. Additionaly, our earrings also make a perfect gift for your loved one, your family member or friends. Baltic amber is a precious and admired gemstone used in jewelry. It looks best combined with precious metals such as gold or silver. It is worth remembering that natural amber has healing and soothing prosperities. Check our whole collection and learn more about Gentarus jewelry with natural baltic amber!