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Amber cleaning, how to clean amber?

24 March 2020

According to the opinion of various specialists and researches, amber is a hardened fossil resin of evergreen trees from Neolithic times. The species of the trees has not been clearly defined yet.

It is possible that an extinct species of a balsamic evergreen or a larch was the reason for creating amber (read more: Despite its origins, amber’s beauty is admired all over the world. It is very attractive for international buyers because of its unique character.

Amber accessories are unique, stylish and fashionable. Their elegant character and timeless beauty attract the attention of many. They look best combined with rustic leather straps or with cold metals such as silver or gold. Amber jewelry, just like any other kind of jewelry, requires special care and proper cleaning, to preserve its beauty for years.

The fundamental thing is the correct storage of the jewelry. It should be stored in a soft cotton or satin bag and then in a hermetic plastic bag.

It is worth remembering, that amber usually should be dry cleaned. It is the best method to clean large single pieces. Amber beads are much harder to clean. They are best cleaned with a special solution. Each bead should be cleaned separately. They should be dried with a soft cloth tissue.

Detergents, jewelry cleaners, and rough materials should not be used to clean amber. Wrong cleaning may lead to fading and matting the surface of amber. The safest way to clean amber jewelry is to find a professional jewelry store with cleaning services available.