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Thanks to the vast variety of Gentarus Amber Jewelry and high quality of workmanship you will be able to choose your favorite pieces suitable for every occasion.

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Utility items with amber, brooche, spoon, knife

Jewelry is usually associated with decorative elements worn on our bodies. However, jewelry can also be useful. Many of us dream about house objects which are pretty, useful, elegant and impressive. Thanks to Gentarus utility items with the certified Baltic amber collection it is finally possible! Baltic amber is a precious gemstone used in jewelry. It looks best combined with precious metals such as gold or silver. Up to 70% of jewelry with natural Baltic amber is produced and exported from Poland. Sources of amber can be found in Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Estonia.

Elegant Utility Items with natural Baltic amber by Gentarus.

Gentarus offers a vast variety of elegant accessories and utility items. In our offer are spoons with cognac, honey, cherry or yellow amber which can be used as tea or coffee spoons and be a beautiful decoration of every beverage, decorative knives with green, yellow, cherry or honey amber which are perfect as elegant envelopes openers. Additionally, in our collection items such as brooches with honey, yellow, cognac or green amber are available. The brooches are a very elegant decoration of outfits loved by high class. In Gentarus we believe that details make the whole design, that’s why we make sure that items we create are made with special care of every, even the tiniest detail. We carefully select the best quality of materials and guarantee the highest quality of workmanship. Check our entire collection and learn more about Gentarus’ offer.