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Baltic amber necklace

Amber necklaces contain natural beauty. Do you prefer minimalistic designs or rather modern patterns? The choice is yours. Warm colors of amber fit every outfit perfectly. You can wear the necklace for any occasion, for any celebration or informal meetings with friends. Necklaces are made of high-quality materials and have an original design, which appeals to every woman.

Amber is a fossil tree resin from the Tertiary and Cretaceous period, the resin of trees growing 320 million years ago. After heating, the Baltic amber gives off a nice resinous odour, reacts to solvents weakly and is placed between calcite (3.0) and gypsum (2.0) on a 10-point hardness scale. After scratching on the surface of amber, white scratches and small crumbs are formed. Rubbing amber for a long time with the material will attract paper through it. Knowledge about the properties of amber can help distinguish it from imitations. As a result, the chance of buying an amber necklace, which is not a fake one, increases. Interestingly, in Polish traditional medicine, amber was used not only to create jewellery but also for treatment purposes. The children were given amber during teething to eliminate the pain. It was also administered to people suffering from eye diseases, rheumatism, throat disorders, and cardiovascular diseases.

Nowadays, amber has become a very desirable stone in jewellery. It is estimated that nearly 70% of amber jewellery (including amber necklaces) comes from Poland and is sold all over the world. Its deposits are located on the shores of Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia, however, the largest amber mine is in Russia.

We encourage you to check our offer. Beautiful amber necklaces are available in our store in many patterns. Choose one that suits you the best! This will make you look attractive and for sure you will feel more confident.