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Malachite is one of the most beautiful minerals, that belongs to the common carbonates group, which is quite common all over the world. Malachite can be found on the surface of the ground. It often occurs on the mountain peaks (usually in winter), as well as in places where puddles form from the rainwater. Malachite is closely related to lapis lazuli, which is native to Kenya. The name of this mineral derives from the Greek μαλάχη, meaning soft, it is usually associated with a green color and low hardness level.

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Malachite properties

Malachite rarely forms solid pole or needle crystals. You can encounter twin forms, i.e. crystal-correct crystalline adhesions. This mineral occurs as solid, kidney-shaped, earthy, and clusters forms as well as forms crusts and sediments, impregnations, and pseudomorphoses just like azurite, calcite, and cerusite. Malachite is usually found in a form of dark (black) crusts or kidney-shaped formations. How is it structured? Most importantly it is fragile and brittle as well as semitransparent. It is quite common for its surface to be stripped, ribbon-like or ring-like patterned. Malachite creates mineral mixtures with azurite – azuramalachite, with chrysocolla, turquoise, or pseudomalachite, known as ejlatyt. Malachite turns the flame green when burnt. It is easy to recognize this mineral because it changes color when exposed to high temperatures. This mineral is very popular, especially in Japan. It is naturally bright green but it is worth remembering that this is not the only color that malachite can be found in. It occurs in various different shades such as yellow, dark orange, or even black. Due to its high aesthetic values, malachite is often used to produce jewelry, most commonly in bracelets and rings, necklaces, and earrings. Baring in mind connections with lapis lazuli, it can occur in many different shades such as blue and green.


Where malachite can be found?

This greenish mineral occurs as a secondary mineral, mainlt in the oxidation zones of copper ore desposits together with azurite and cuprite. Malachite occurs in:

  • Russia – Malachite lumps are mined from the Miszew deposit, with a mass of up to 60t; from the Midlands deposits up to 1.5t
  • USA – in the mine Bisbee in Arizona, lumps up to 4,5t
  • Zambia, Namibia, Australia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Great Britain, Kazakhstan
  • In Poland in low amounts in świętokrzystkie voivodeship (Miedzianka, Miedziana Góra) and in Lower Silesia.


Malachite Use

  • In jewelry production is a very precious gemstone. It is usually used in a form of a cabochon to create fashionable jewelry and accessories. The stone is especially adored thanks to its rich color options and high polish shine. It has been used as a decoration since ancient times. In the Middle, Ages Malachite was used to decorate monarchs, books, and reliquaries. It was also one of the most popular accessories in classicism.
  • In architecture it was used as the decoration of walls and pillars like the Malachite Chamber in The Hermitage. Additionally, the columns of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus were made of malachite.
  • In painting the mineral was used as a pigment (the malachite green)
  • In art and sculpture to create decorative dishes and cutlery.


Malachite Health Properties

It is worth remembering that this popular mineral has many precious health properties. It might be used to brighten skin, as well as the element which increases the amount of collagen, and the youngness and elasticity of the skin. Thanks to all the properties malachite has, it is often used in medical practices in order to improve energy flow and the reduction of negative substances in the organism. It is widely used, combined with aloe vera to reduce cellulite. It can also improve one’s metabolism, improving the immunological system. Baring in mind all the positive properties of this mineral, it is widely required and desired.


How to recognize malachite

Malachite is quite easy to identify, thanks to its color changing abilities in high temperature. Natural color of malchite is pale green. It doesn’t indicte the real color of the stone. Baring in mind its unique color, this stone is widely used in many different types of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


Magical properties of malachite

Malachite is a well known precious stone with many different magical properties. What is interesting it was discovered by an Italian priest. By the Aztecs, it was believed to attract love and health. Malachite is also believed to improve strength, muscles, and other body parts. Red malachite positively affects the immunological system and has many different health properties. It is also believed that malachite has magical properties – it can cleanse energy. Some people claim that it can improve the positive effects of nutrition and vitamins. Malachite helps to maximalize the level of body energy and helps with digestion. It also has soothing properties and affects positively on brain functioning and the nervous system. The stone might also use help to reduce blood pressure and soothe migraines.

Jewelery with malachite

Malachite, thanks to its high aesthetic values and health properties, is one of the most popular stones used in jewelry, especially in necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Malachite thanks to its original blueish-green color make one of the best accessories which attract the attention of many. Its aesthetic values are known from ancient times. It was used to brighten whites and bright skin colors. When crushed and heated it created bright blue glass. Malachite is one of the toughest stones, that is why it is harder to work with this stone. It is often faceted. It can also be engraved, polished, or cut in order to achieve the most beautiful shapes. The stone is usually cut with a jewelry saw, separately.

Malachite Earrings

Earrings with malachite are quite intriguing and luxurious accessories which are usually combined with silver and gold. They are extremely popular thanks to the beautiful green shade, which is fashionable and trendy. In jewelry-making, malachite is usually combined with precious metals. Earrings with this stone can be found in many different shapes such as round, oval, square, tear, and many more. This original stone makes a perfect addition to every casual outfit – everyday wearing, work uniform, school uniform, as well as an elegant special occasion outfit. Malachite earrings look best combined with a malachite necklace, bracelet, or ring. It also makes a great gift for the nearest and dearest.

Malachite Necklace

Necklaces with natural malachite are the accessory which is gaining more popularity not only by women in Poland but also all over the world. Baring in mind the uniqueness of this stone, combined with silver or gold, the accessories with malachite are characterized by breathtaking aesthetic values and durability. They do not fade with time, even without any specialized care. Necklaces with natural malachite are a perfect decoration of a female decolletage and are a great accessory that can be combined with many different outfits. Malachite necklaces are the greatest addition to spring and autumn outfits because it looks best with the seasonal color schemes. Malachite necklaces work well with many different styles such as Boho, Gypsy, or elegant classic ones, and can be combined with different accessories such as rings, bracelets, and earrings. Modern and elegant necklace decorated with this unique stone is a great accessory for many different types of clothes and underline their unique character. Malachite necklaces work best with summer vacation dresses, airy dresses, elegant business uniforms, casual outfits combined of denim trousers and tops as well as many different ones. Necklaces with malachite are attractive, fashionable, durable, and safe for the skin. They are great gift ideas for the nearest and dearest and bring lots of enjoyment and pleasure.

Malachite Rings

Rings are one of the oldest elements of jewelry. They are usually in a form of a small circle that is worn by both women and men. They are made of many different materials such as precious metals like silver or gold. They are often decorated with polished gemstones or decorative ornaments. Since ancient times, rings are the symbol of eternity, thanks to their closed structure and round shape. It was believed that rings had magical powers and were believed to protect against evil forces and curses. Rings are deeply associated with the symbol of relationship, faithfulness, and love, that’s why they are an essential part of wedding ceremonies. Women who love original accessories will be delighted to wear original rings with natural malachite, which are quite unique accessories. Malachite rings are usually combined with silver or gold as large and small stones. They work best as gifts as well as everyday accessories. Malachite rings are loved by famous fashion bloggers and celebrities.

How to properly store and take care of jewelry with natural malachite

Every type of jewelry requires special care, jewelry with natural malachite is not an exception. It should be stored properly, in order to avoid scratches or dirt. There are several different guidelines to store malachite accessories:

  • Selecting the right spot – It is one of the most important steps that can prevent damages and scratches. Malachite jewelry is best stored in soft bags or specially selected boxes.
  • Grouping accessories – It is worth considering selecting and grouping different types of jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets.
  • Storing each piece separately – It is a very important step because storing all accessories together may result in scratching and tangling, especially of chains and necklaces. Storing all pieces together may also lead to a major decrease in the jewelry condition.
  • Weather conditions – It is important to protect jewelry with malachite against the negative impact of bad weather conditions such as cold, snow, mist, or rain. The accessories should be stored at room temperature which is optimal for the jewelry condition. The right weather conditions prevent staining and rusting as well as fading of the stone’s shine.
  • Box lining – It is worth remembering that the boxes used to store jewelry should be lined with a piece of soft cloth to avoid scratches and damages. It is also a good idea to match the size of the box with the size of the jewelry piece.
  • Proper use – All jewelry pieces with natural malachite should be taken off during activities such as cleaning, exercising, swimming, sunbathing, or dancing. It is also worth to take off your favorite accessories before spa treatments and sleeping.

Jewelry with natural malachite

This unique type of jewelry is known for centuries and is extremely fashionable. Malachite was believed to be the stone of the kings in ancient times, that’s why jewelry with this stone was worn by monarchs and royal family members only. It was also called the stone of a lady, that’s why it was especially loved by every dame. In male jewelry, malachite underlined confidence, and masculinity. Jewelry with malachite is not only attractive but also intriguing and unique. This type of jewelry is perfect for everyone who adores luxurious and elegant accessories, royal parties, and original style.