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How to take care of your jewelry? How to store it properly to prevent scratching, discoloration, and rusting?

It is essential to store your jewelry in the right conditions to prevent any possible damage. Here are some tips, how to store your jewelry properly:

  • Every jewelry piece should be stored separately. All pieces stored together may interfere with each other, which may result in tangling or scratching. Jewelry with such defects loses its beauty and value.
  • It is essential to divide your jewelry into smaller groups of the same kind. Gold jewelry should be stored separately from silver pieces or other metals. Additionally, you can store your accessories according to their value.
  • Do not store your jewelry in random places. Get a special jewelry box to prevent damages.
  • Protect your jewelry pieces from weather conditions, especially moisture. Most jewelry pieces should be stored at room temperature. Low and high temperatures may cause damage.
  • Jewelry box should be lined with a suitable fabric, ensuring adequate softness. It prevents scratching of our precious accessories as well as tangling and rusting. It is essential to get a box in the right size.
  • Jewelry should not be worn during everyday house works such as cooking or cleaning as it may lead to serious damages. Precious jewelry should not be worn during sports activities or during spa days.