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Thanks to the vast variety of Gentarus Amber Jewelry and high quality of workmanship you will be able to choose your favorite pieces suitable for every occasion.

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Real amber silver bracelet for adults

Jewellery is an accessory that is often used by women to complete their stylization. Appropriate earrings, bracelets or pendants will be a perfect complement of any creation and they will allow you to gain more confidence. Bracelets are very special accessories, which appear on the wrists of many women, especially amber bracelets full of charm. Check our store offer out today and choose the proper jewellery making you more attractive.

Bracelets available in our store are made of beautiful amber. Amber to the resin of deciduous trees that grew in the Eocene. From the cracks on the branches of trees and trunks, it escaped many centuries ago and accumulated inside the trunk or under the bark. Amber that is used to make jewelry consists of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Amber varieties include birmit, cyberite, rumenite, krancite and keuperite. Amber deposits are located in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, as well as on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. In our country, large deposits of amber are found in the area of the Vistula Spit, Hel Spit and the Bay of Gdańsk. Its color is from light yellow to brown.

Bracelets were worn in ancient times by women from different cultures. They are a perfect addition to informal clothes wearing for meeting with friends, elegant creation for special celebrations and every day to school or work. Older ladies, young women, and teenagers like to wear them. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our amber bracelets that are available in our store and choose a model that suits you perfectly. A wide range of bracelets will allow you to choose jewelry that matches your character and allows you to express your style.

Amber bead bracelet from Poland

Bracelets next to earrings, necklaces, and rings are one of the most popular jewelry pieces, worn all over the world. They are very attractive decorative elements of the wrists. They are made of many different materials such as metal, leather, plastic or glass. They are decorated with many different elements, for example, shells, beads or gemstones. The most precious bracelets are those made of gold or silver and decorated with natural gemstones such as amber. Bracelets with Baltic amber are a must-have element for every lover of elegance and uniqueness. They are a great addition not only to a casual outfit but also to every elegant wearing. They are suitable for many different occasions such as business meetings, friends meeting, dates, weddings, birthday parties and more. Gentarus offers a vast variety of bracelets with natural Baltic amber available in many different styles and shapes. Our stones are additionally available in many different shades of yellow, green, milk, honey, cognac and cherry. We guarantee that every jewelry lover will be able to find a piece that is the most suitable for their personal taste. What’s more, Gentarus’ bracelets are also a great gift idea. Whether you are looking for a gift for your loved one, your family member or a friend – we can assure you that our bracelets will bring them lots of joy. The details make the whole design – that’s our motto, that’s why we make sure that our creations are made with special care. Baltic amber is best worn close to our bodies because it is believed to have healing and soothing properties. Interesting? Feel free to explore our full collection of natural amber jewelry!