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Green amber

04 April 2020

Green amber is often used in jewelry craft to produce many kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets. It is worth to know that the green amber is extremely rare in natural habitat. Green amber gets its hue from spending time in a marshy environment amid decaying organic matter. Its color becomes brownish or blackish and only in rare cases it turns green.

Natural green amber is almost impossible to find and is very hard to collect, that is why the amber which is available on the market are usually created by jewelers. Amber turns green after many complicated processes such as autoclaving or heating in highly specified conditions. Due to high temperature amber turns darker. Sometimes in order to get the greenish color, amber is dyed with special pigments.

Green amber is mostly created from the Baltic amber or Colombian Copal, also known as the Caribbean amber. In the case of Colombian amber, the resin needs to be additionally hardened because it is much softer than the natural amber. Both ways allow creators to achieve rich green gemstone which will be great in all kinds of jewelry.



What is more interesting, green amber can be found in two versions: flaky or reconstructed. The first one is mostly desired because it perfectly reflects light, what results in spectacular appearance. However, the second one version can also be spotted quite often.