Learn more about the unique Lapis Lazuli gemstone

12 January 2021

Lapis lazuli is one of the most beautiful gemstones characterized by its rich blue color. Its value has been known for thousands of years. The jewel contains visible gold particles, which are usually associated with the heavens and dieties.

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Extraordinary stone – Malachite. Learn more about this unique stone!

12 December 2020

Malachite is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and breathtaking stones that belong to the group of common carbonates, widely exploited. It is often found high in the mountains. Malachite is related to lapis lazuli which main sources are located in Kenya.

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Tiger’s Eye – a beautiful magical stone!

26 August 2020

Tiger’s Eye belongs to one of the twinkling varieties of quartz (which contain crocidolite fibers, a mineral from the amphibole group). The opaque mineral shows the so-called optical “cat’s eye effect”, which appears as a narrow line of light, resembling the pupil of a cat’s eye, which moves over the polished and protruding surface of […]

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