Tiger’s Eye – a beautiful magical stone!

26 August 2020

Tiger’s Eye belongs to one of the twinkling varieties of quartz (which contain crocidolite fibers, a mineral from the amphibole group). The opaque mineral shows the so-called optical “cat’s eye effect”, which appears as a narrow line of light, resembling the pupil of a cat’s eye, which moves over the polished and protruding surface of […]

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Stainless steel jewelry with amber

17 August 2020

Amber is a type of fossil resin of ancient conifers, sporadically deciduous trees of various kinds. There are up to 60 known species. The oldest of them are dated back to the Devonian epoch (found in Canada), the youngest was found in North America, Arica, Australia, and New Zeland (known as copal). 

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