An incredible 20-million-year-old amber fossil

09 May 2020

An incredible 20-million-year-old amber fossil was discovered in the Dominican Republic. According to experts, it is believed to be 20-30 million years old. The most bizarre thing about this amber is the air bubbles that float around inside of the amber fossil.

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41 million year old amber with a pair of flies having sex

18 April 2020

Recently researchers have discovered an interesting remarkable new find. It is a piece of amber with the inclusion of a pair of long-legged flies having sex! The insects are 41 million years old. Prehistoric insects such as ants, midges, crawlers as well as a pair of copulating flies are one-of-a-kind amber fossils described in Scientific […]

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Organic inclusions in amber

04 April 2020

Inclusions, in other words, are pieces of bark, leaves or forest floor, but also tiny animals like insects or spiders, which fell into the trap of tree resin and remained there forever. The mentioned inclusions are called organic. There are also inorganic, which include: sand, dust or small air bubbles.

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Amber Museum Top 5

23 March 2020

Learn more about amber museums’ offer. Are you an amber enthusiast? You should visit them!

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Exciting discovery! The head of the smallest dinosaur has been found in amber!

18 March 2020

The head of the tiniest dinosaur which lived 100 million years ago has been discovered in amber. Amber was found in Myanmar, Burma. The results of the research have been published in “Nature” magazine.

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A primitive 100-million-years-old bee with pollen, immersed in amber.

18 February 2020

In one of the mines in Myanmar (former Burma) an immersed in amber ancient along with flower pollen was discovered . The bee is dated back to 100 million years ago. It was identified by George Pointer Jr., a researcher from Oregon State University. To learn more about ancient biological and ecological conditions, the bee […]

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