The history of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine

09 June 2020

Kaliningrad Amber Combine – what is it? Let’s start from the beginning. It was established in 1947 next to the amber deposits in Jantarnyja (also known as Palmincken). Kaliningrad Amber Combine was combined of Palmnicken Amber Mine (the oldest and closed one), Primorksoje – active and the Beach one, also known as the Beachline. It […]

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Baltic amber Succinite

12 April 2020

In the Eocene, there was a shallow sea in some areas of today’s Poland. The sea was adjacent to the Fennoscandia, a scientific name for the ancient continent. It was the place where, in a humid and warm tropical climate, the amber forest – the cradle of Baltic amber – grew. It was mainly covered […]

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Polish sources of amber, the amber mines!

23 March 2020

In 2012, The National Geological Institute confirmed that are huge amounts of amber located in Poland. The sources of that precious stone can be worth up to over 7 billion dollars!

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Amber – where and when it is the easiest to find it

14 August 2019

Amber in Poland is associated unambiguously with the Baltic Sea. The Baltic beach, Kurpie and Amber Road are located where the possibility of finding this fossil is the greatest. However, it is not so easy as it may seem. On the one hand, this process requires a lot of patience, but on the other, it’s […]

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