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8 Interesting facts about amber

04 April 2020

Amber is used commonly in jewellery as an addition to pendants, earrings or rings. It is also the main component in the production of perfumes. There are some interesting facts about the amber:


Read 8 Interesting facts about amber

  1. There are 60 varieties of amber in the world. Its name comes from the German word Bernstein, which means: a stone that burns.
  2. According to the Roman legend, amber is perceived as petrified lynx urine.
  3. The Jews called it haszmal, which metaphorically means the power of God, literally – the current flow.
  4. In turn, the inhabitants of Arabia called amber anbar, because the smell reminded them of ambergris.
  5. It is dated that amber that remains in our country is about 40-60 million years old.
  6. In the stone, we can found inclusions of animals and plants such as twigs, fruits, seeds or needles. Researchers are able to determine 215 plant species. In the case of animal inclusions, there are generally arachnids, insects and centipedes.
  7. Succinite has a good impact on our health (see: In the process of dry distillation, amber oil is obtained, which has disinfecting and antiseptic properties. Many years ago, people used amber in the treatment of stomach, teeth and ears conditions, and rheumatism.
  8. An amber tincture helps with headaches, flu, and rheumatic pains. It lowers blood pressure, retards bacterial growth, facilitates wound healing and delays the process of wrinkle formation.