How to take care of your amber jewelry?

28 October 2020

Just like any other type of jewelry, amber jewelry requires special care and storage. To avoid damages and scratches and to preserve the ideal condition of your favorite amber pieces for a long period of time, follow our practical guidelines on how to take care of the jewelry.

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Stainless steel jewelry with amber

17 August 2020

Amber is a type of fossil resin of ancient conifers, sporadically deciduous trees of various kinds. There are up to 60 known species. The oldest of them are dated back to the Devonian epoch (found in Canada), the youngest was found in North America, Arica, Australia, and New Zeland (known as copal). 

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How the professional searching for amber looks like?

30 March 2020

Experts of picking up amber start their activities from watching the waves and color of the water carefully. This is very important because the fossil is usually thrown away by storms along with other things, such as sticks. Thanks to this, darker points on the sea can be identified, which signify places where the objects […]

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Amber cleaning, how to clean amber?

24 March 2020

According to the opinion of various specialists and researches, amber is a hardened fossil resin of evergreen trees from Neolithic times. The species of the trees has not been clearly defined yet.

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A new unique coin with natural amber! Made to celebrate the symbolic marriage of Poland and the Baltic Sea.

07 February 2020

On Thursday, 6th of February, NBP (Narodowy Bank Polski) released a special silver collectable coin of 50 PLN denomination to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the symbolic marriage of Poland and the Baltic Sea. The coin has a huge value! One coin costs 830 PLN. It is available on the Kolekcjoner portal and in NBP […]

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What ring will make a perfect gift?

09 January 2020

Rings has been a popular accessory since the ancient times! They have been worn by women not only for the aesthetic reasons but also for their symbolical meanings. Rings was given to them by their partners as a symbol of devotion and love. The importance of this accessory is highlighted by a tradition of passing […]

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Jewelry in the Gentarus store

26 October 2019

            The vast opportunities with the use of amber have led us to establish a company dealing in selling it. We offer a collection of jewellery starting from simple and geometric shapes to diverse forms and patterns. In the offer, you can find pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, as well as men’s jewellery. There is […]

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Dominican Amber

25 September 2019

           Dominican amber is one of the most beautiful fossil resin. It comes from deciduous trees and contains from 0-3% of succinic acid – much less than Baltic amber. Dominican amber has its origins in Oligocene, which belongs to the oldest and the most traditional mine. Its deposits are on the Haiti island belonging to […]

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White amber

10 September 2019

            Archaeologists claim that amber may be the first stone used in making various ornaments. It doesn’t have such properties as flint, so it was useless in the production of tools. However, its decorative values were and still are appreciated by many and the jewel itself is admired by everyone nowadays. When in ancient Rome […]

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Amber jewelry

12 June 2019

Every woman enjoys jewellery as an accessory to different outfits. The right earrings, pendant, and bracelet can be worn according to the occasion. The type of jewellery that is worth paying attention to is this made of amber. Various shades, shapes, and forms will allow you to match ornaments to your clothes and style. This […]

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