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The Vistula Spit ditch – Amber will not be excavated.

18 January 2021

Amber will not be excavated in the area of the Vistula Spirt ditch investment, due to the high excavation cost. As the Maritime Office in Gdynia informs.

„Due to the economic unprofitability of excavation, which was confirmed by various analyses of the ratio of the amber value and the total cost of the investment, it was decided that the process is unprofitable. ”.

Magdalena Kierzkowska – press spokeswoman of the Maritime Office in Gdynia made an official statement for

„After the works have started, there was a significant change in the technology used during the process of the Vistula Spit ditch (the area of the amber source) made. Due to the fact that there’s no much ground removed during works, there won’t be any extra works taken in order to uncover the amber source”.

Amber from the Vistula Spit ditch to be forgotten

Polish newspaper „Gazeta Wyborcza” underlines that this decision cancels the plan of local politicians about the polish amber source. As it was written:

 “Five years ago, when the Vistula Spit ditch was still at the early stage, deputy minister of culture, Jaroslaw Sellin, made a glamorous statement about a self-financed waterway. According to him, the total value of amber located in the source accounted for 880 mln PLN, which was believed to be the total cost of the whole investment.”.

The same case was also discussed by Lucjan Myrta:

„I believe that it’s possible because back in the 60s I already excavated amber in the area of the Vistula Spit. As it is widely known, this area is one of the most proficient amber sources in Poland that can be found in the Baltic area. ”.

It is worth mentioning that in July 2020, the deputy minister of state assets informed that the amber source in the area of the Vistula Spit contains amber of the total amount of 7 ton. Additionally, he assured that the source will be additionally inspected by a qualified government team. Shortly after his statement, it was denied by the department of maritime economy and inland navigation. It was explained that the said 7 tons of amber are located on the whole area of the Vistula Spit, not only in the area of the investment.

„There are only two amber sources located in the area of the investment: 900 and 500 kg. And only one of them is possible to be excavated.”.