The Amber room

14 July 2019

            The amber room is one of the greatest historical places. It was created by German producers on a commission of King Frederic I, who desired to have an amber decor in his palace. Later, the chamber was given to Peter the Great. He was so impressed with the created work that he got it […]

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Amber jewelry

12 June 2019

Every woman enjoys jewellery as an accessory to different outfits. The right earrings, pendant, and bracelet can be worn according to the occasion. The type of jewellery that is worth paying attention to is this made of amber. Various shades, shapes, and forms will allow you to match ornaments to your clothes and style. This […]

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The origins of amber

24 May 2019

Amber, called also as Baltic gold, came into being from a resin draining from cracks of trees. This process ensured the protection of trees, for their trunks and branches and was a blockade against viruses, fungi or pollutants getting through these cracks. The second guess is that creating a resin by trees could have been […]

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Amber – what is it?

01 May 2019

Amber has been used in the production of jewellery for centuries. Accessories such as rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants made of this jewel became extremely popular among women. It is estimated that as much as 70 percent of amber jewellery produced and sold all over the world, comes from Poland. What is more, amber is […]

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