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Amber jewelry

12 June 2019

Ludwig Schneider / Wikimedia. – Praca własna, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Every woman enjoys jewellery as an accessory to different outfits. The right earrings, pendant, and bracelet can be worn according to the occasion. The type of jewellery that is worth paying attention to is this made of amber. Various shades, shapes, and forms will allow you to match ornaments to your clothes and style. This natural beauty never goes out of style.

When choosing earrings, it is worth paying attention to their shape and type of fastening. In stores, you can also find engagement or occasional rings. Necklaces and pendants with elements of amber are also a perfect idea for a present. In our store, you will find jewellery with a huge variety of colors and shapes.

Gold and silver are the main materials in amber jewellery production. High-quality accessories are available both in jewellery and on online stores. The choice depends on the preferences and amount of money.

Amber is a resin of trees of the Eocene period. It consists of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Currently, it occurs mainly along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, as well as in Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Sambia peninsula in Russia. In our country you can find it near the Vistula Spit, the Bay of Gdansk and the Hel Spit.