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Engagement Ring – how to wear it?

26 January 2020

The engagement ring is a dream of almost every girl. It is not only a sign of the true love, but also a symbol of devotion. Many women are not sure on which finger they should wear their sparkling engagement ring. Many discussions about this subject can be found in the Internet.

Whether it should be the left hand or the right hand? The middle finger or the ring finger? It all depends from which country the tradition originates from and how the wedding ceremony looks like. Many women in Europe, Africa, the USA and Canada wear the engagement ring wear on the left hand on the ring finger. However, there are always some exceptions, for example in Poland it is traditional to wear the engagement ring on the right hand. In Scandinavia a future wife wears a special ring and during the wedding ceremony the groom adds additional ring on the finger with the special engagement ring. In Hungary there is no tradition of the engagement ring. Instead, a fiancé wears a future wedding ring on the left hand, and after the wedding, the ring is being worn on the right hand. The engagement ring wore on the ring finger expresses the acceptance of the future wife. In Ancient times it was believed that this particular finger is connected with the heart with a single vein, that is why it was treated as the symbol of true and permanent love. The engagement can also be a tough event for many men. They can feel slightly lost in the planning of the event. How their engagement should look, where the perfect place to engage would be, what time would be the most suitable, what ring should be chosen, especially in terms of the size, style and design.

Gentarus Amber Rings


Recently, rings with natural Baltic amber are becoming more popular. Thanks to its beautiful colors, elegance, versatility, amber starts to be loved by many all over the world. Amber is usually set in silver or gold. Amber engagement ring is a perfect addition not only to a night out wearing but also to a casual outfit.

Additionally, amber is believed to have healing prosperities, can affect beneficial on one’s mood and has soothing effects. The most suitable option are certified silver rings with natural Baltic amber from Gentarus (a polish brand). A vast variety of rings in many colours of shapes can be found in Gentarus collection.

The rings have modern designs and artistic shapes, what makes them unique. Is it your time to choose an engagement ring? Gentarus amber ring will for sure highlight the beauty of your future fiancé, decorate their hand and will be a perfect symbol of your deep love. It will express the unique style and attract attention. It is perfect for everybody who dreams of an untypical, yet elegant engagement ring. Make your engagement an unforgettable event with our collection of amber rings.