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Stainless steel jewelry with amber

17 August 2020

Amber is a type of fossil resin of ancient conifers, sporadically deciduous trees of various kinds. There are up to 60 known species. The oldest of them are dated back to the Devonian epoch (found in Canada), the youngest was found in North America, Arica, Australia, and New Zeland (known as copal). 

The largest natural sources of amber (which are believed to be the 90% of the total world’s amber resources) were found in Kaliningrad in Russia. Amber forms irregular lumps and clusters. The largest lump of amber to ever be found weighted 9.75 kg. The most common are amber pieces in yellow, and the rarest are transparent, green, and red ones. The color of amber is dependant on the number of air bubbles in the resin. It’s not exceptional that amber lumps contain organic inclusions such as animal and plant pieces from the Cretaceous and Cenozoic periods. Baltic amber is valuable and commonly used in jewelry making. It has been used since ancient times. Baltic amber is also known as succinite. It is worth mentioning that the largest international amber fair in the world, Amberif, is organized in Gdańsk.

Stainless steel accessories with natural amber

Nowadays amber is commonly used in jewelry, thanks to its unique properties as well as its high aesthetic values, inclusions, and healing properties. The components essential for health that can be found in amber are mainly iodine, iron, silicon, vanadium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc, as well as various salts. They are important for healthy mostly because they are bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory. In addition, they have positive effects on digestion and metabolism. The elements help with curing many different diseases such as cataracts, myopia, sore throat, and throat diseases as well as heart diseases. Jewelry makers usually combine amber with precious metals such as silver and gold as well as stainless steel which is a quite popular material. It is worth mentioning that Baltic amber contains a huge amount of succinic acid (up to 8%) which makes it an exceptional fossil resin. It has high aesthetic values thanks to the unique colors. Its fascinating creation process is inspiring for many artists and designers all over the world. Amber is mainly used to produce necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets as well as brooches. These accessories are characterized by their durability and endurance. They are resistant to many different damages, rusting, and the influence of weather conditions. It is important that elements of amber jewelry made o stainless steel are widely available. They are usually available in many different colors, sizes, and forms. The largest advantage of amber jewelry is its versatility and timeless character. It looks great with many different outfits such as an elegant dress, a winter cozy sweater as well as a beachy summer dress. Amber can be combined with different patterns, colors, and other metals. It is precious and extremely fashionable. For some time fashion was dominated by crystals and zircons, and amber wasn’t as popular as it is right now. Nowadays amber jewelry is both fashionable and precious. Additionally, it is a great accessory and matches lots of different outfits.


How to take care of the stainless steel amber jewelry?

Stainless steel with natural amber should be treated in a special way. The most important thing is systematic, proper cleaning (dry or with the use of a damp cloth). It is crucial that amber should not be cleaned in hot water. It can be washed with a weak solution of water and alcohol or soft soap. It is recommended to keep amber jewelry in soft cloth bags to avoid scratches and damages. Amber should not be exposed to perfumes, cosmetics, and other chemical substances as well as atmospheric conditions such as direct sunlight or rain.