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A silver engagement ring or a gold engagement ring? What to choose?

12 January 2020

Every man who plans to engage knows how hard it can be to choose the right engagement ring. The ring is a symbol of love and devotion, what makes it special and that is why it should be perfectly fitted for their significant other, durable and simply beautiful. What ring should be chosen? A gold one or maybe a silver one? The engagement ring should not only be unique and original, but also made of special materials. The ring symbolizes devotion and sincerity of feelings of a future groom. Personal preferences of a future fiance should also be taken into consideration. That is why it is important to pay attention what king of jewellery is worn by you siginificant other, what metal dominates in the jewellery they wear and what is their favourite gemstone.

Another dilemma may be the choice of a gemstone. There are many kinds and colors of gemstones available. Recently, certified amber rings have become popular. They are perfect for every person who loves elegance, versatility and the original style. Baltic amber, thanks to its beautiful colors, natural shapes and multitude designs is loved by many accessory lovers. It is usually set in gold and silver. Amber engagement rings will not only make a great addition to a night out wearing but also to a casual outfit. The healing prosperities of amber also stays in favour of this gemstone. It can affect one’s mood in a positive way, has soothing effects and helps with a chronic pain. Certified Baltic amber rings offered by Gentarus (a polish brand) are for sure one of the best available options. A vast variety of silver and gold rings, in many sizes and designs, can be found in their collection. The rings are unique, artistic mood and remarkable character.


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You are decided on engagement but you don’t know what ring to choose? Gentarus Amber ring will be a perfect choice! It will highlight the natural beauty of your significant other and will make a strong statement about your feelings. Additionally, an original ring may highlight the unique style of your future fiancé and can attract attention. Make your engagement an unforgettable memory with Gentarus!