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White amber

10 September 2019

            Archaeologists claim that amber may be the first stone used in making various ornaments. It doesn’t have such properties as flint, so it was useless in the production of tools. However, its decorative values were and still are appreciated by many and the jewel itself is admired by everyone nowadays.

By Homik8 Michal Kosior – Praca własna, Domena publiczna,

When in ancient Rome red and orange varieties of amber were the most popular, white amber was regarded as a royal – the rarest, and therefore the most valuable. It still has the highest rates to this day.

            White amber looks a bit like congealed foam. It consists of a large number of small air bubbles that give it a characteristic shade. Experts distinguish white amber with a slightly yellow shade, another in the color of ivory, and chalk amber – much brighter. However, the most desirable variants are slightly blue with a particularly high concentration of gas bubbles. White amber is lighter than other varieties.

           The price of white amber is estimated according to several factors: the purity, size, shape of the specimen, and how unique the nugget is from which the ornament is made. Natural ornamentation – patterns and shades embedded in the resin, also seem to be important. These two features very often cause that a given piece is particularly desired by connoisseurs.


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