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World Championships in catching amber

30 March 2020

Since 1998, on the Polish coast during the summer season, amber catching competitions have been organized annually. The competition consists of two rounds – the elimination and the final, both held on Jantar beaches.

The participants’ task is to collect as many as the possible quantity of amber at a given time and on the designated station. Competitors have rakes, webs, and sifters – all supplied by an organizer.

The fun is based on collecting the previously scattered amber. The purpose of the competition is among others: promotion of tourist values such as the Gulf of Gdansk and the Vistula Spit as well as forms of leisure activities.

The competition is open to children, juniors, seniors and VIP members, which includes special guests.

Before entering the competition, every player has to own an identification number – visible from the front and back and compatible with the number of the participant’s position.

The player throws the amber into the transparent bag he or she gets before the competition. In the end, the winners are awarded cups, diplomas and in-kind prizes.

The championships are accompanied by concerts with the stars of the music scene, games, and a scientific conference concerning amber issues.