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Medicinal properties of amber

30 March 2020

Amber is appreciated for its rich healing properties. It has a positive effect on the complexion and the throat. What is more, amber is appreciated by proponents of natural medicine.

Consumed in the form of tincture, it has a beneficial effect in such ailments as sore throat, headache, rheumatism, and thyroid problems. Amber massages are also recommended for improving well-being and affect body relaxation.

Various amber ointments affect upper respiratory tract diseases, gastrointestinal symptoms, and headaches favorably. What is more, it was thought that wearing an amber necklace would have positive effects in the treatment of the thyroid gland. In the past, amber was worn to protect against any disasters, diseases or death.

In turn, in antiquity, people used to carry amber in pockets. Rubbing and touching them was supposed to increase men’s vitality and fertility. That is why amber will work well as a gift for newlyweds. However, in ancient Chinese medicine, amber was intended primarily to help with the treatment of anxiety and any phobias.

Amber is perceived in China as a symbol of happiness, health, and prosperity. It is noteworthy that it stimulates the immune system and strengthens the skeleton. Amber is considered as an effective weapon against rheumatic diseases. In the past, women were wearing amber amulets to get rid of the backache and to strengthen a body. Today, amber necklaces are dedicated to children, to help them develop their young bodies properly.