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Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum

16 April 2020

The Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum is located in Kaliningrad, Russia. It is devoted to housing and displaying amber artworks. It is located on the shore of Lake Verkhneye. Its construction began in 1972 and was opened in 1979. 


The collection of the museum consists of 14000 individual pieces. Objects such as the world’s second-largest amber piece or a 4-foot-tall vase The Abundance are the main attraction of the exhibition. Additionally, the museum has 3000 amber inclusions in their collection. One of the most famous ones is the inclusion of a small lizard. The museum was established in Kaliningrad because the largest natural sources of amber are located nearby. The amber deposit in the Kaliningrad region is the world’s biggest amber deposits. The museum has to offer 28 show-rooms. the exhibition has five main sections:

  • the origins of amber and its properties // (read more here)
  • historical and archeological knowledge of amber
  • amber in the 17th and 18th-century art
  • Kaliningrad Amber Factory
  • Contemporary amber art

The amber museum has a unique 4-kilogram 280g Baltic gem, which is also the biggest piece in the collection. Additionally, more than two thousand pieces of art made of Baltic amber are currently in the collection. One of the most impressive pieces of art which can be admired in the Amber museum is restored fragments of the Amber Room. It is a close reproduction of the 17th century Amber Room. There are also dioramas of the ancient “amber forest”, many of the pieces of the amber available in the collection contain inclusions of Mesozoic plants and animals. Amber pieces are in a vast variety of colors from white to black.

The museum organizes many exhibitions of foreign artists. In 2004 an exhibition of artist-jeweler and designer Lisa Vershbow from the USA was organized. Its goal was to demonstrate new approaches to the artistic interpretation of amber. In 2015 the museum exhibited amber art pieces from the 16th and 18th centuries from the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Reserve. The museum has many foreign partners. Among the partner countries are Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Japan, Italy or France. It is also a place of organization and holding the International Biennial of Amber Art Works Alatyr since 2004 and since 2012 the All-Russian Jewelry Art Exhibition.


How to get to Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum