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Turquoise Stone Occurance

05 September 2020

Turquoise is a stone characterized by its intensive blue or blue-green color. It occurs mostly in a form of clumps or veins, among the volcanic rocks. They are often located in a dry climate. The habitat of this semi-precious stone should be rich in aluminum.

Most often this mineral is mined in the depth reaching a maximum of 20 meters. Turquoise is a semi-precious mineral known for thousands of years. It is mined in many places around the world, but the most valuable pieces are those mined in Iran. Turquoise is valued for its intense blue color.

This stone occurs also in the area of Tibet but the stone occurring there has more of a greenish hue.

A very important source of turquoise is located in Egypt. The most popular mine of Turquoise in Egypt is located on the Sinai peninsula, where it was obtained already during the reign of great pharaohs in these lands.

Blue turquoise originates from China. It is one of the rarest types of this stone available in Europe.

Other sources of this semi-precious stone are located in the United States. Turquoise there is mined there mainly in the Mojave Desert, Colorado, and also in Arizona and Nevada. Other important sources are located in Australia and Brazil, where it is quite frequently mined. It can also be found in Poland, where its small amounts are mined in Dolny Slask.