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Tiger’s Eye – a beautiful magical stone!

26 August 2020

Tiger’s Eye belongs to one of the twinkling varieties of quartz (which contain crocidolite fibers, a mineral from the amphibole group). The opaque mineral shows the so-called optical “cat’s eye effect”, which appears as a narrow line of light, resembling the pupil of a cat’s eye, which moves over the polished and protruding surface of the stone as it rotates.


The “cat’s eye” effect intensively enhances the proper grinding of a stone in the form of a cabochon or a ball. This effect is achieved through oxidized crocidolite (a mineral from the amphibole group) and crossite (a mineral from the silicate group) in the form of fibrous ingrowths running in the same direction – their surface is responsible for the unusual shine. Tiger’s Eye stone is a brittle, delicate, and opaque mineral that belongs to a rare group of minerals. It naturally appears in the territory of South Africa (the Oranje River in the massive Door), Australia, Namibia, USA, Mexico, Burma, India, Russia, and Ukraine. Quartz stone is a rare mineral, however, it is widely used. It is a precious collectible stone, used in decorative accessories as well as decorative elements such as boxes, ashtrays, etc. It is often used in jewelry as the main stone in artistic and unconventional hand made jewelry. It is a Zodiac stone of Gemini, Leo, and Libra.

Tiger’s Eye – Meaning and Magical Properties:

Tiger’s eye is a rare mineral that has been used as a protective amulet since ancient times. It was believed that the stones have magical properties that protect people from evil forces and spirits as well as death and wounds, that’s why they were used by warriors and soldiers. Tiger’s eye was considered a stone of success and wealth as well as a stone of happiness, optimism, and joy because it improved mood, it helped to achieve goals and high concentration. This mineral was associated with the solar plexus chakra. It was also used for the third eye chakra as well as the sacral chakra.