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The largest ambers in the world

24 March 2020

Amber is a natural treasure which can be found thrown out by waves on the shore or gathered in special mines. The stones are used in many different ways. They are used as elements of jewelry or as an addition to medical substances. Amber is also crucial for learning the history of the world because, thanks to its resin origins, it contains pieces of plants and insects inside them.

Huge pieces of amber, which weight is big enough, are usually bought by jewelers and turned into a high quality products such as jewelry or utility items. Amber collectors can earn a lot for large and rare pieces. For example, amber, which size could be compared to a clenched fist, can be sold for around two thousand zloty.

The biggest pieces of amber which can be found might weigh a few kilograms, sadly they are extremely rare. These special pieces are usually found in amber mines, because it is nearly impossible to find it on the shore.

The biggest amber which was found in the Baltic Sea weights 9,75 kg. It was found in 1860 near Kamień Pomorski and now can be admired in Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. Since that time a bigger piece has not been found in the Baltic Sea. See also:

The biggest amber in the world is the Burma Amber. It weights approximately 15,25 kg, what makes it the heaviest amber to be ever found. This amazing piece can be admired in the British Museum in London.