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Magical Elixir – Amber Tincture. Learn more about its medical properties.

23 November 2020

Since ancient times the amber tincture has been used in folk medicine and proclaimed the magical healing elixir. Nowadays it is still believed that the tincture helps to cure such sicknesses and diseases as rheumatism, migraines, flu, asthma, rootlets, muscle pain, digestive tract ailments, hypertension, respiratory diseases, or heart ailments. It is also believed that amber has a positive effect on the thyroid,

Amber Tincture – properties

Modern researchers have proven that amber and products made of amber have many precious healing properties because amber is rich in minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, silicon, organic compounds, succinic acid, terpenes, phenols, or carboxylic acids.

How to prepare your own amber tincture?

In summer, the amber tincture can be found being sold in gift shops located on the Baltic Sea Shore. It is worth remembering that this kind of tincture may not be 100% pure and genuine. To avoid counterfeits and artificial tincture, you can do it yourself at home. All you need is:

  • natural raw amber (the one that floats in salty water, and when heated emits resin-like smell)
  • strong alcohol (95% alcohol)

Wash crushed amber (around 25g) with warm water, dry and put it into an empty glass bottle. Add 250 ml of strong alcohol and store in a dark, warm place for two weeks. Every two days, shake the bottle gently. The tincture is ready when the liquid turns golden amber color

How to use tincture?

Amber tincture can be used externally, by rubbing it onto an area such as the chest or the back (while treating colds, bronchitis, and pneumonia). Rubbing the tincture may also help to cure runny nose and sore throat. Mix a teaspoon of tincture with 125 mil water before applying. The tincture may also be drunk, but with a reasonable dose (strong alcohol). It is worth testing the tincture before consumption to be sure that it does not interact with other drugs.