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How the professional searching for amber looks like?

30 March 2020

Experts of picking up amber start their activities from watching the waves and color of the water carefully. This is very important because the fossil is usually thrown away by storms along with other things, such as sticks. Thanks to this, darker points on the sea can be identified, which signify places where the objects were thrown away and constitute the starting point of searching.

It’s essential for every amber seeker to own the ultraviolet flashlight (cost of several dozen zlotys), which allows distinguishing the jewel from ordinary stone. Searching itself is associated with hours of long night walks on the beach, which requires a lot of patience and stubbornness in reaching a goal.

Seeking of amber by professionals means wading in the water manually. They are dressed up specially for this, have the proper equipment and their task is to search the water thoroughly with a very small net.

A very helpful hint here for the seekers of this noble stone may be the observation of seagulls’ behavior. Their aggregation in a specific place can be associated with the presence of things thrown away by the waves during a storm. That is the best place to start searching.

In the end, it’s worth adding that if we plan to deal with collecting amber on a larger scale, a special license should be purchased for this purpose in the Maritime Office.