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Amber hair – learn 2020 hair trends!

30 March 2020

Do you want soft and healthy hair, with beautiful, shiny color? Learn 2020 hair trends! Spring has brought sunny and warm days! This wonderful and playful period is the best time for changes! And what can be more exciting than a full style metamorphosis? Are you ready to enhance your spring look? Learn more about the hottest hair trends in spring 2020.

Warm Amber – the most popular hair color in 2020!

In the 2020 spring&summer season, the warm amber shade will be one of the most fashionable hair colors! It suits most women who are ready to enhance their natural beauty. It is a perfect shade for both fair and dark-haired girls. But it is worth thinking about its intensity. The light amber shade is recommended for dark-eyed ladies. Blue and green-eyed beauties should go for more deep, darker shade, which full of reddish and brownish tones. It is also a perfect recommendation for fair-haired! Warm amber color has many benefits, first all, it is very universal. It goes well with fair and dark skin tones, matches many styles and has breathtaking shine when exposed to the sunlight. It adds confidence, helps to emphasize personal style and natural beauty.

Haircare products with amber

It is also worth trying new hair care products with natural amber which not only will help to regenerate damaged hair but also help to get additional volume. Amber is an extremely precious material (read more), due to its high aesthetic values and healing properties. It is known as one of the best natural medicines, which can help to treat rheumatic ailments and asthma. According to various researches, amber contains many important microelements – silicon, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, organic compounds combined with iodine, volatile substances, resin acids, and many other valuable health ingredients. It is also believed that amber has soothing properties and helps to improve one’s mood. Amber is used as an ingredient in many different products, especially in cosmetics and hair care products such as conditioners, masks, and oils, which help to improve its condition, regenerate damages, add volume and improve color.