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The Copenhagen Amber Museum

18 April 2020

The Copenhagen Amber Museum is a museum in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It is owned by the House of Amber. The museum is located in Kanneworffs house, one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen. The house was build in 1606, but its current appearance is due to an adaptation in the 1780s. The house has been inhabited by all kinds of people.

One of the main attractions of the Copenhagen Amber Museum is a huge collection of amber with flora and fauna inclusions (read more about inclusions). The visitors are enabled to observe closely 30 million-year-old plants and insects. Additionally, the world’s largest amber can be admired there. The amber weights 47,5 kg and is the largest amber piece to be ever recovered. The museum also has the biggest piece of Denmark amber in the collection. It was found in 2012 by a Danish fisherman who caught the amber in his fishing nets. The amber stone weights 4,125gr. what makes it the biggest amber piece found in Denmark since 1767.


How to get to The Copenhagen Amber Museum