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Polish sources of amber, the amber mines!

23 March 2020

In 2012, The National Geological Institute confirmed that are huge amounts of amber located in Poland. The sources of that precious stone can be worth up to over 7 billion dollars!

Amber in the Lublin region

The most surprising thing is that the largest deposits of amber are located near Lublin, which is not even close to the Baltic Sea. The source was discovered by accident during the searching for shale gas. The only confirmed deposit of amber in the Lubelskie Voivodeship is located in the Niedżwiada and is called “Górka Lubartowska. To be able to mine amber, a special license from a voivodship geologist must be obtained. Amber discovered in the Lublin region differs from that found in Pomerania, because it is located much deeper in the ground (almost 20 meters deep. It is almost impossible to find it on the surface. According to the Polish Geological Institute, only one deposit of “Górka Lubartowska” is 300 hectares big and consists of 1000 tons of amber raw material.

The other sources of amber

There are several different sources of amber in Poland in addition to the one located in the Lublin region. They are Pomerania, Gdańsk, and Słupsk. However, those sources consist of 30 tons of raw material only. In the Lublin region, there are over 1000 tons of amber material.