Original necklace with round cognac amber Z1A17

Price: 118

Necklace’s length: 45+3 cm

Approximate weight ca. 3 g

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Product information


Certified cognac Baltic amber


Attempt: 925
Sterling silver plated with 24 carat gold


Length: 45+3 cm
Weight: ca. 3 g

Additional information

100% handmade jewelry with guaranteed high quality of workmanship. We attach an elegant box to the product.

A subtle necklace with certified cognac Baltic amber is a great choice for every woman who loves simple and subtle, yet attractive jewelry. Beautiful shiny gold-plated silver combined with natural cognac amber makes a perfect addition to every outfit! They are a great addition to an elegant outfits, but can also work well with everyday simple looks.The Gentarus necklaces are made with the undeniable precision and care. Natural round amber is decorated by a gold element. The necklace have solid and safe finding which decrease the risk of losing it. An elegant box is also attached to every purchase. It looks the best combined with a earrings of the same style.

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