Men's amber jewelry

Thanks to the vast variety of Gentarus Amber Jewelry and high quality of workmanship you will be able to choose your favorite pieces suitable for every occasion.

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Baltic amber men’s jewelry

For years jewelry is associated with feminity but historically jewelry was associated with masculinity, expressing power and royal status. In ancient times various different amulets were created from bones, fangs, stones or shells for kings and warriors. The amulets were believed to boost strength, courage and to add confidence. Jewelry also was associated with social position and wealth. In Rome, men’s jewelry was decorated with diamonds. Kings and rulers wore gold rings to emphasize their royal status. In the Renaissance (the XVI – XII century) men’s jewelry was the most popular. It was worn by the rich, bold and royal families. The most popular were gold chains, rings, family rings, and earrings. Nowadays men’s jewelry is quite important and should not be excluded. Well-matched to any outfit, men’s jewelry can express the good taste of a man. According to various opinions, men who take care of themselves and like to look good are more attractive and get more respect. They also tend to be more successful.

Amber cufflinks, green, cognac

Are you looking for men’s jewelry which will be the best decoration of your formal look? Gentarus is the best place for you! We offer elegant silver jewelry with the certified Baltic amber. In our collection, many elegant pieces are available, such as bolo ties with honey or green amber as well as silver cufflinks with genuine Baltic amber. Thanks to these accessories you will be able to emphasize your style, status, and good taste. Our jewelry is of the highest quality. Every item is handmade and unique just like you. We believe that details make the whole design, that’s why we pay extra care to every, even the tinniest one. We guarantee a high quality of workmanship and the best quality of materials used. Additionally, our men’s jewelry makes perfect gifts. Wheather you are looking for a gift for your loved man, your family member or a friend, we can assure you that our jewelry will bring them lots of joy. Baltic amber is a precious gemstone used in jewelry for centuries. It is also worth remembering that amber is believed to have soothing and healing properties that additionally make it a more valuable piece. Check our entire collection and learn more about Gentarus amber jewelry.