Amber silver pendant

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Baltic amber pendant necklace

In ancient times, amber was called the gold of life. Its energy can combat harmful geopathic radiation and those that come from electrical devices.
It has been used as a decorative stone for a long time. Its beautiful color makes it one of the most frequently chosen decorations by women nowadays. In addition to aesthetic values, it has very valuable medicinal properties. It supports the treatment of rheumatism and asthma, lowers blood pressure, and also accelerates wound healing.

We present to you a beautiful pendant made of fossilized resin. Our proposal breaks the stereotype of amber associated as a simple and traditional element of jewelry.


Polish amber jewelry for sale pendant

It was made of carefully polished Baltic amber in honey color and mounted in the highest quality silver. The silver elements along with amber create an incredible artistic shape, which gives the whole an unusual character.
Its healing properties bring relief to women with heart problems.
Class and elegance are two words that perfectly describe a pendant of this natural stone.

It will look great with stylish and elegant creations. The necklace will give a woman a grace, and also accentuate the neck and neckline, which are one of the greatest feminine assets. It is also Ideally suited for women who want to emphasize their own style and attract attention, especially during exquisite parties and important occasions. It works well with a delicate silver bracelet or amber earrings creating a beautiful set. If you are looking for a gift for a woman, the amber pendant will be a perfect choice. We are convinced that every lady who dreams of an original and elegant look will love our jewellery.