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How to take care of your amber jewelry?

28 October 2020

Just like any other type of jewelry, amber jewelry requires special care and storage. To avoid damages and scratches and to preserve the ideal condition of your favorite amber pieces for a long period of time, follow our practical guidelines on how to take care of the jewelry.

Store each jewelry piece separately

This essential rule ensures the perfect condition of your jewelry for years. This method works perfectly well with jewelry with natural Baltic amber. It is worth selecting a spot for each jewelry piece, such as a box or a cloth bag. Why? Keeping all pieces together may lead to various different damages such as scratches, tangling, and breaking (especially chains). It is worth remembering that the box or the bag should be matched with the size of the accessories. The accessories should have enough free space to avoid deformation.


Line a box or a bag with soft cloth material

Storing jewelry in separate boxes or bags is a great way to protect your precious accessories, but it is worth remembering one more detail. The boxes and bags used for jewelry storing should be lined with soft cloth material, which will protect against dirt, scratching, and other mechanical damages.


Weather conditions and contact with water

It is possible that due to the negative weather condition such as rain, strong sunlight, or contact with water during bathing or swimming, amber may fade and lose its natural shine. It is worth remembering that all jewelry amber pieces should be taken off before swimming. It is recommended to store amber jewelry at room temperature, which will positively affect its condition. Room temperature successfully reduces the danger of staining, rusting, and fading.


Proper use

Jewelry pieces with natural amber should not be worn constantly. It should be taken off during house works such as cleaning, washing, cooking as well as during sports classes and physical activities such as jogging, swimming, gym activities, and dance classes. It is also recommended not to wear jewelry during SPA sessions or even during daily activities such as sleeping or wearing perfumes.


Amber jewelery cleaning

Amber, as it is generally known, is one of the most beautiful natural stones. To preserve its beauty, it is essential to clean it in a proper way. After noticing any type of dirt, it should be removed with a soft, dry cloth piece (without any chemical cleaning substances, alcohol, or other chemicals). Using wrong substances may lead to amber fading and damages on its surface.

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